Monitors - GMA Europa, Spendor S100, & ProAc Tab 8

Hi. I'd be interested in some feedback on these three monitors - GMA Europa, Spendor S100, & ProAc Tablette 8 Reference Signature. In the world of "make believe" where none of us had budgets, what would you buy and why?

Moreover, has anybody owned or faced-off these speakers against one another? Which ones are more forgiving with placement? How is the accuracy and adequacy of bass? How are transparancy and sound placement?

I am trying to get a "feel" for the relative pros and cons, based upon peoples' experience. Thank in advance for the feedback.
No monitor I've heard came close to my Proac Response 2S except the 3m De Cappo which was also awesome. I've not heard the monitors you mention in your post
Haven't heard the other two, but the GMA Europa is one amazing speaker. I have compared it to the Paradigm S-2's, Revels, ADS L-1290, Infinity IRS and others. In each case it was the Europa coming out on top. Hope this helps.