Monitor speakers, advise needed...

Hello audio gurus,

Looking into some monitor speakers, which I have recently checked out (Silverline Minuet @$600) (Madisound kits) and (BIC America DV62si Bookshelf Speakers modified by Ed Frias for $250+shipping) Even though the BIC speakers are cheaper and they have some excellent reviews by numerous forums and amazon I'm still not very satisified, dont know but what concerns me is the price without the modification which is somewhere between $100 & 120 give or take. Also, I personally dont know what type of "quality components" are used. Now, the Silverline Minuet, now those got me a bit intrigued and some speaker kits from Madisound as well. Well, let's just say that I'm undecided and I am wondering if any of you "Audiophile" could steer me in the right direction??? Please with sugar on top, lol! I may using a Primaluna Prologue 2 or a Cayin... This system is mainly going to be used for my exercise room and I will be mainly using "Ipod" YES Ipod, even though using an ipod would be a crime to some

Thanks to all in advance... Ooops, lastly my price range is between $100 to $800 give or take
I have a PL2 and use it with Triangle Cometes. They have come up here for around $400 used and a bit more new. See what kind of deal Upscale Audio has on them or for less money try the Stella or Titus.
You have a lot of choices in the price range you are looking. Have you looked at partsexpress with their line of kits they offer. They too have some kits with drivers from Usher that are pretty good sounding and they won't break the bank.
Have you also looked at the Magnepan MMG's? That is a wonderful speaker in your price range. And 40 watts will drive them well. They do have to come off the wall a bit which may be inconvenient in some rooms.