Turntable advise needed - Norway callin'


I trust you are well.

I am looking at buying a new turntable for my vinyl collection. Its about time.

I would be very happy if you could come with feedback on the following turntables and tonearms:

Brinkmann LaGrange
TW Acustic Raven
Kuzma Reference
Basis 2200
Avid Acutus

Brinkmann tonearm
Graham Phantom II
Vector 4 arm
Kuzma 4Point

The Brinkmann LaGrange with the Brinkman arm is the most expensive, and may be outside my budget. But the rest of them are within.

I have been a digital guy for many years now, but used to run a nice analog setup 10 years ago. So I look forward to the new adventure!

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Cheeers and thanks, Toffen G
What's the rest of your system like?
Look at the VPI turntables, also Teres.


The rest of my equpment are: Wilson Audio Sophias 2, Burmester 051 (will be upgraded to 011 and 911mk3), Burmester 061, Revox B77 mk2, Nordost Thor, Nordost Tyr interconnects and speakercables, Nordost Brahma powercords, Finite Elemente Pagode MReference, Cerpuc isolators, etc.

Cheeers, Toffen G
Greetings Toffeng!

I have owned two of the tt's you have mentioned as well as two of the tonearms...I am familiar with the rest save for the Acutus.
Since you have decided to wade back in the analog pool and because of your other listed components i would say value and synergy points to the Raven and Phantom pairing, thus allowing a good budget for your "top end" cartridge. Good Luck!
i also agree with the VPI evaluation, great table for a small investment.
There's a used Brinkman that came up for sale today (not mine)
As a Kuzma's fellow countryman and connoisseur of his turntables/arms I shout out for Kuzma. Especially 4Point arm is something special.
Many would disagree, But I am a sucker for the classic Linn LP12. The Graham is great on it, as is a Rega or Naim arm.
I can't speak to the whole list of tables you asked about, as I've only heard the Avid. I have, however, heard the Avid with the same Burmester 011 and 911mk3 combo you're upgrading to (a family member has that combo with Nordost Valhalla cabling, Verity speakers and DCS stack, SME arm and Airtight pc-1 cartridge. An aside: the phono pre on the burmester is fantastic. I think the avid sounds fantastic in this setup. It's very dynamic and the bass is stupendous, but also very involving and lush. I also think the chrome finish compliments the Burmester gear very nicely. I don't think you could go wrong with this combo, and the softening of the pound may temper some as-of-late exaggerated retail prices, but then the general decline of currency may erase any savings.
Also the new Thorens TD550 goes well visually with Burmeister.

Although expensive I recommend the Basis with its Vector 4. I own it myself and I cannot imagine that it will be surpassed :).I have heard the other combinations for a short time (including the Linn) but I still prefer the Basis. I use it with the Lyra Titan i. But .....you should also include a powerconditioner for the turntable like the Clearaudio or its own Basis (damned expensive!).


I have checked the prices more now, and I think the Brinkmann w/Brinkmann arm will be too expensive. The TW Acustic Raven w/Graham Phantom II or Triplanar arm looks like first priority with basis 2200 w/Vector 4 arm a good second (it will be USD 4.000 less).

You can get a Tw Acustic Raven with the mentioned arm (s) for approx. USD 14.000 incl. 25% VAT. You can get a Basis 2200 with Vector 4 arm for USD 10.500 incl. 25% VAT. So its nice prices over here. The Brinkmann with the Brinkmann arm costs approx. USD 18.000 incl. 25% VAT.

Cheeers, Toffen G
The Raven would be on my short list if I didn't already have a VPI which is also great. Either way, you'll have blissful sound when you're set up. The VPI is more budget friendly but you don't seem to have this problem. What cartridge are you looking at/using? Keep us posted on your results.

I am lucky enough to run a small company beside my full time job. This company is allowed to buy stereo equipment since its in the music business. Instead of receiving a salary from my company, which both the company and myself on top have to pay tax on, I am fortunate to be able to buy hifi. A great deal!

I need to wait until the new year, and my maximum budget will be USD 15.000.

In old times I liked Ortofon very much, but the dealer of the TW has reccommended Lyra or Koetsu for my setup. I also need a new amp to accommodate the Sophia 2 which arrive today, so this is a long term project!

Cheeers, Toffen G