Monitor or floorstanding?

Besides the obvious differences in base response and size, What are your feelings about a good monitor like the Dynaudio Contour 1.3SE, and a floorstanding speaker like the Audio Physic Tempo III.
I would suggest Tyler Acoustics "Tylo" (monitor). I believe, Tyler Acoustics makes one of THE best speakers in the world! They are made in USA! Also another is ACI Sapphire III, which i wrote a review about in "Misc. audio" Made in USA -how about that, for "patriotic" sentiment?
In general, I've found that when comparing floor standing vs monitor on a dollar for dollar basis there are fwer sonic trde offs in the monitor speaker. I am not familiar with the speakers you mention, but as a long time user of several different high end B&W mini-monitors I can say that for almost ant situation your monry is better spent on a speaker that has fewer dollars in the cabinet and more dollars in the components. DO NOT read into my statement and assume that cabinet construction in small speakers is cheap ... economy of scale allows a speaker manufactirer to build smaller cabinets in less time for less money. I've rambled enough. Go listen for yourself. There is no substitute for actually listening to live music, then deciding what speaker best suits your needs.
Hmmm, the thing that makes the B&W Nautilus/Matrix high end series so much better than even B&W's other speakers is the cabinet. The cabinet does matter.