Recommend new floorstanding around $1500/pr please

Music preference is broad from classic to jazz to rock.

Rel Strata 5 subwoofer will be used together.

It'll also be used for fronts for movie.
Go take a look at Soliloquy on Audiogon, there is a pair of new "B' stock of 6.2's in Rosewood for $1250 - they received excellent reviews.
Send me an email, I can direct you to another source.
Vandersteen 2ce Signature.
Magnepan Mg-1.6/QR ??
Thanks guys or girls.

Also, it'll be very nice if you can provide some website link of the manufacturer or something as well.
Would you not concider used? You could probably get a better speaker for $1500. used then you could new for same price? Just a thought.With your REL Strata, a nice pair of slim towers by VonSchweikert like the VR2 would be in your range or the aforementioned Soliloquy 6.2's are a bagain at the "B" stock prices. Evey one I know who has them just loves them.
Second, third, etc. Soliloquy. 5.3's are also an excellent choice and may still be available at a song before they run out. Underwoodwally is a great source for Soliloquy. Soliloquy's website is here, and you can find Underwood HiFi Here - also on A'gon under user Underwoodwally I believe. Excellent seller!

If you do go with new Soliloquy's be forewarned that they take a loooooooong time to break in, but the wait is worth it. 500 hours is to be expected. Do not judge them brand new out of the box, or even for the first few weeks, or you will be making a big mistake.

Lots of options, but as usual, I will comment that you should be sure to audition Thiels. You should be able to get a pair of CS1.6's for close to that. ProAc and Totem should also be in your audition list, as well as NHT.
So far...

I'm considering

soliloquy 5.3
vonschweikert vr2
Thiel 1.6
Paradigm studio 60

Anyway Rel Strata 5 subwoofer is firm in my system.
I will have to make it $2000+-
If you are going to spend 2 grand on new or used speakers, look for a set of used Sonus Faber Grand Piano's. I have mine runnign with a rel stadium III sub, and the integration is seemless. I am a big SF fan, and i think you woudl be more than pleased listening to all types of music with those speakers and your sub.
For under two grand you can pick up a pair of used Thiel CS3.6's. IMHO, this is one of the best bargains out there.