Best Floorstanding Speaker under $1000 USD

Which floorstanding speakers within the $1,000 USD (both brand new & pre-owned) price range deserve your vote? Drop a line here and explain why they deserve your vote! =)
I purchased a used pair of Snell Type D speakers about 3 years ago and recently saw a pair here on Audiogon going for about $700.
I still feel there a good value and I still have mine.
Tannoy Sensys DC2. Dual concentric drivers and a supertweeter for under 1k used. The only compromise is a vinyl exterior but I would rather the money be in the drivers and crossover where it belongs. In my room with my system I prefer it to past speakers from B&W, Snell and Martin Logan.
If possible, you should try to audition a pair of Vandersteen 2ce's. Certainly not everyone's cup of tea (but then again, what speaker is?), but I've found them to be very satisfying.
If you were shopping new, I would recommend NHT, Paradigm, or PSB. In the used market, I would try to find Thiel, ProAc or Totem. The Meadowlark's are also worth a listen, but in the same price range, I prefer the other three.

Epos M15 (not the M15.2) are currently available for well under a grand, just a very good all around speaker (I owned the M12, which is the monitor version). They don't like "bright" gear though.

In addition ot all the above, they may be hard to find but a used pair of Ruark Talisman ll would be an excellent choice too.
Meadowlark Swifts, this is a tough price point, these offer a lot for the money. Meadowlark is announcing a new line of very affordable speakers which has a three-way floorstander for somewhere around $1200, it would be worth scratching up the extra $200 for the full range depth you'll get at this price point. Meadowlark value at it's best.
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I'll second the Vandersteens. I probably would have bought a pair of 2CE Sigs myself if they'd have passed the WAF test...
My reading room is 12' by 20' This is for my 3rd secondary system. It will be an audio setup only which plays mostly vocal & jazz, seldom calssical.
Quad 21L (I own) or the Epos M15 (Only other speaker in the price range I would consider).

Quad is more detailed, Epos is a hair more musical. But I haven't heard them both in the same system - and I heard the Epos with MUCH better equipment than what I own. The Quad's are also much more revealing than the Epos' and the finish - if you have a wife/gf you really need to see the Quad's in Piano Black or Birdseye maple - wow.
Magnepan MMG's are a steal at under $600 brand new (delivered!)
Assuming one has an amplifier that is happy producing power at low impedences, and the space to place them out from the walls 3-4 feet....I would get the largest used Maggie I could for my $1K.
With your goals in mind, my strongest recommendation would be for a pair of used Thiels or ProAcs, but Totem or larger Meadowlark's would be nice, too. New, I'd lean towards the NHT ST4's, or possibly Creek's floorstander.

I would always recommend that you LISTEN to some Maggies. They (and other planars) are quite different from box speakers, and the decision as to whether you like the planar sound is yours alone. If you do like it, (and many people swear by it) Maggies are super values costwize.
Darn good point, Eldartford. I might also suggest Martin Logan's (though Quads have already been recommended).
if you can find a used pair of Boston Lynnfield 400's they are without a doubt the best deal - imo. this was Bostons high end offering several years ago. i have a pair of Lynnfield 500Ls and imo they hold their own against the Aeriel model 8 which is considerable more money

drawback is that they need alot of power.
look into vandersteen 1's or 2's you should be able to get them used for under $1000.00 no sweat.
Bought a pair of Vand. 1 ended up to be too big in my area. Returned them. However sounded pretty good but still far from what I am used to.