Monarchy Amps 70/100's vs. Odyssey Stratos

I'd just like to know if anyone compared these amps in an A/B. I've heard so much about the value of both of these. I'm trying to build an audiophile budget system and want to use one as the cornerstone? I lean toward opera and classical however my HT system would be driven through the amp as well. Thanks.
I've never listened to the Monarchy's or the Stratos'. However, I know a lot about the Stratos and would chose them in a second without ever looking back. For $2k, you can have a monoblock pair of the Stratos that includes a 20 year warranty.

The Stratos (1 amp or monoblock pair) would most definitely be the cornerstone of your system.

Have you read the reviews of the Stratos on I am quite familiar with IAR's review on the solid state amps back in 1999. They rated the Stratos right behind the top of the line ss amps. The Stratos was rated number 2. Because of the 4 amps I've owned over the 2 years, I believe Peter MonCrief of IAR is very accurate in his reviewing of products.

Based on my recommendation two friends purchased the monoblock pair of Stratos and both have been very happy.

I still have not yet heard them.
I know a man who owned the Odyssey Stratos and then bought the Monarchy SM-70s for a second system. He is now considering selling the Stratos and replacing them with more Monarchy amps in his primary listening system. I have personally listened to both amps and feel that the Monarchy amps perform better, especially in the high frequencies. YMMV.
I've heard the Monarchy 70 Pro's and SE-100 Delux's, and they both are absolutely amazing. The 70 Pro's are one of the greatest values in all of audio, especially when they are run as monoblocks. They have the ability to reveal the smallest detail within musical passages while stile delivering rich, textured, tonality. They also deliver deep, tight, bass.

The SE-100 Delux's take that performance and go a significant step further in apsects of the musical spectrum. The extra power provides an ever better grip over deep, complex, passages of music.

One thing for sure, the Monarchy's can easily live up to the best components that you can surround them with.

Another amp worth considering is the Belles 150A Hot Rod, although I think it is a better comparison with the SE-70 basic amps and maybe the 70 Pro's. In fact, I'm currently saving my pennies for 100 Delux's.

Unfortunately, I've never heard the Stratos, so I can't help you there,