Monaco TT with Halcyonics

I was wondering if anyone was using one of the Halcyonics active vibration control devices with their Monaco TT. This question is specific to the Monaco as I know others have used the Halcyonics to good effect with other TT's. I have no obvious vibration issues which appear to be affecting the performance of the Monaco but vibration will be getting through and its minimization may indeed have a sonic benefit. A lot of money to spend on a hunch that it may do something and an improvement with this TT may be very subtle so if anyone has experience positive or negative I would be pleased to hear it.

As the owner of this table my comments are to the table's design itself...
While i am sure some degree of improvement could be obtained for this or any table's marriage to the Halcyonics device i feel you have indeed almost answered your own question...:)

The exceeding amounts of research done in this area and other areas of related concern on the Monaco has brought this problem virtually to a standstill!
I wonder if anyone could "hear" as opposed to measure any improvement that would be brought to bear by the addition of this device...

Additionally,often times when dealing with "blank sheet of paper" designs we will be wise to not "overwork" our minds on that last, in this case, .000000 Degree of improvement and instead,make sure your rack,or platform and supporting spikes etc. are spot on.

Good luck and happy holidaye,

having heard the Halcyonics in my system (under a digital transport and under a preamp) my guess is that 'ANY' piece of audio gear will likely be improved with the decoupling of the Halcyonics. it is possible that the character of the sound could change in a way that some other rack might be more pleasing depending on taste.

what does distortion sound like?

you have no idea until it's gone (not that some distortion may not be pleasing as it can hide other things).

i certainly have high regard for Grand Prix Audio and their approach to dealing with rack i own and enjoy about $15k worth of them in my system. OTOH they are toys compared to the Halcyonics.

a turntable is the ideal thing to benefit from the Halcyonics.....and at some point i'll have one under my Dobbins Garrard and/or Dobbins Technics.
I strongly believe it would improve the table as would any great isolation device. What do you have it on now?

My experience with the table is that everything I tried had a sonic effect, whether good or bad.

The Grand Prix Audio Monaco turntable is not a suspended table. It uses the Apex footers which work, as a passive device, but there are things that are more effective.
You may want to 'go naked', that is put the turntable out of the room where the speakers are. At least try it to see exactly what differences are produced. Coupling and de-coupling still does not eliminate the acoustic engery that hits the base, arm and cartridge, only complete isolation of the entire rig does. An alternate is to put a screen/box over the rig.
Hi, 1st I love my Monaco TT and have been curious about isolation. I have it currently on a Finite Elemente master reference rack. Maybe over the holidays I'll try a grand prix rack from my dealer to see.

active isolation, like commented about, maybe the best approach...

let me know if you try something !
The acoustic energy is not nearly as important as low-frequency structureborne energy that is capable of exciting the resonant frequencies of the tonearm and cartridge, typically in the 8-10 Hz range.

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