Which pre With a Monaco 845 clone?

I have a Monaco 845 clone very similar to the Larry Moore amps.

I also have Zu def 4 speakers with a Supratek Chardonnay, and I find even on the lowest gain stage it still only allows me to set the volume around 10 o'clock.

I am wanting more movement on the volume without my ears bleeding. So what pre amp would do that? I am also thinking a passive might work.

Any suggestions?

thanks, Scott

52tiger Hi.
I have a customer that has similar De Havilland Aries 845 mono's and Newform Research NHB speakers and is doing a as we speak review with them using my passive. I will let you know when he's posted it.

Cheers George
I had a friends inexpensive passive and I tried it tonight. It has more detail and matches up quite well with my amp.

I looked inside and it's just a couple wires running from the input and output to the volume and selector.

It does have 3 but I only need to 1 for my Lampizator lite 7 and my phono pre.

This is the first amp that I have had that works so well with a passive before it lacked dynamics but with this amp they are there maybe not as much but it almost sounds more natural.

What's your website? Thanks, Scott

I can't PM you as your private here, but you can reach me via email in the second pic and the website at the bottom via this link, on DIY your own.


Cheers George
Vacuum state svp2. Has 2 different adjustable gain settings and a great phono stage. Sounds detailed while retaining loads of musicality.
Get the Lightspeed as George is right and I loved it with your exact amp. They cost under $400 new and get an upgraded power supply from Teradak for just $80. Heaven!
I have tried a LDR type passive as well as a Modsquad deluxe, and for some reason I feel like there is something missing?

I suppose I like the color a tube pre adds.