Modify Power Cord with 90 degree IEC plug for ML?

I have a Harmonix Studio Master power cord that I would like to convert to a right angle IEC plug to use on a Levinson DAC. Can anyone recommend someone who may offer this service? I would prefer not to send this back to Harmonix in Japan to have it done. The cable uses a Furutech IEC now. Any ideas or experiences with this are much appreciated.
You can buy some cables with a 90 degree plug installed. I would contact the manfacturer before pulling it apart to find out how they terminated it. A solder joint is fairly easy to work with but lots of cables use some serious crimpswhich are nearly impossible to pul apart or recreate withou the proper tools.
Michael Percy Audio likely has an elbow connector available for this job. and ask him to make up a PS Audio mini lab cable with a right angle adapter the same as he did for me....great Cable and excellent connector ...(I have 2)

You will need footers to raise the ML DAC .. I use ISO PADS (cork-rubber feet) with good success.

I purchased a right angle jumper for my Levinson 380S from Bob Crump (TG Audio, makes of HSR cables, etc.) - I think I bought it through Delve Audio, a dealer who is in the Audiogon directory. Works very nicely.