Modifying dvd players that down convert

I am interested in purchasing the Panasonic HD1000 dvd player, but discovered it downconverts the digital signal which is a shame because of its quality -- dealer thought panasonic did it for fear of copyright issues back when. Is there a way of modifying the unit to allow the digital signal to be outputed in its original 24/96 state??
MSB technology ,, will probably do the trick. It used to be about $350, I do not know now, but through the website or an e-mail you should find out. There might be others. Hope this helps
Just buy a Pioneer or Sony player that passes the 24/96 signal already--why go through all the added hassle/expense just to buy the Panasonic? I've been using a Pioneer DV-C302D into an EVS Millennium DAC and get magic from the few DADs I have(Chesky especially).

Also, with the new 24/192 DVD-Audio players starting to trickle onto the market the 24/96 stuff will soon be rendered irrelevant. Just a thought--best of luck.