Modern DAC to support SACD and DVD-A stereo playback for Esoteric P-03 Universal

Released in 2007 the Esoteric P-03 Universal  Player/D-03 DAC combo is my last best option for DVD-A playback in Stereo.Is there a modern day DAC to replace the D-03 DAC with a big improvement in sound??
  I use a Bryston DAC 3.  It has many inputs including 4 HDMI inputs.  I use two of the HDMI inputs, one for a Sony SACD player, but mainly the other one for an Oppo 105 for Redbook, SACD, DVD-A, and Blu Ray, all in 2 channel.  If your Esoteric can output HDMI then that would be a good choice
fwiw, I listened to a DVD-A in stereo yesterday with my Pioneer Universal Player in a HT system yesterday.  It wasn't by choice--it was Bach's Brandenburg Concertos on the Tacet label, and the disc was engineered so that the First Concerto was in 2 Channel, and the subsequent 5 Concertos in different surround configurations.  I kept thinking something was wrong with the Pioneer until I read the album sleeve notes
Esoteric  P-03 Universal Player  does not have output HDMI .Looks like the option for connection is XLR terminals connected to an Single XLR connection ES-LINK device or  i.LINK connection .By modern as the Esoteric P-03 Universal Player is 14 years old what ever the latest player with connections to play DVD-A is the main requirement .Thanks for the reply s..