Modding a Rotel RCD 855

Anybody know where I can send my trusty old Roter RCD 855 CD player to be upgraded? I love the sound, and don't to part with it. I also bought some SACDs, and i'm wondering if it can be modified to a SACD player?
It really is an awesome CD player- but I suspect it's a bit outdated.
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No, cannot be modified to read SACDs. Yes, it is outdated, but if you love the sound, why change it?

I have a Rotel RCD-1080...I think that was the model...anyway, very well regarded CD player, for the money, and asked a modder about it and he said he wasn't particularly fond of modding those, except as transports. I left it alone, and later looked into changing the clock and opamp with Burson's and that looked promising. Check it out. Eventually I decided not to mod anything and bought a Squeezebox Touch, that has replaced the Rotel altogether.
When I had this player I added a good quality IEC connector on the chassis, made a home-made PC and added good quality RCA plugs as well. New internal wiring from the board to the plug. It sounded better but could not measure up to the player which replaced it in my system, the Rotel RCD 971. Don't get me wrong, the 855 is a very good sounding CDP, but the 971 is a better sounding CD player. So, if your not into doing the mods yourself, I'd personally not pay for a tech's time. Another thing to consider, the RCD-855 phillips cdm-4 is no longer available from Rotel. Consider the RCD-971. Wonderful sounding player. (Plays HDCD's as well. Also has the ability to read scratched cd's pretty well w/o skipping.)
I guess i have the typical audiophile disease- always wanting something slightly better- even when I'm happy with the sound of my current equipment.
i'll consider the RCD-971.
I am curious about the SACD players- but a bit hesitant to get into it.