MM phono stage Graham Slee or K&K

Im looking to upgrade my phono stage in the near future. I use a MM cartridge only. I have been considering the K&K basic with the upgraded components then found out about the Graham Slee Reflex M which is a dedicated MM stage only. The K&K gets great reviews and I like the idea of putting one together myself. However the K&K works out to be more expensive then the Reflex, and am I just paying extra for the MC inputs that I don't really need? Would the Reflex be a better choice for MM only? Anyone compare the two?
no one has heard these two?
I believe there is a MM version of the K&K too. So you might want to consider that.

I had the K&K and thought it was a great unit. Certainly a value at its price. Never heard the Graham so can't compare for you.
I have not heard the Graham, I have the K&K maxxed out and really love it. In this hobby there is a lot of value in flexibility and maybe at some point you will want to try MC.