Anyone using a Graham 2.2 with the Aries 2?

I have the Aries 2 TT and currently have the JMW 10 arm. I also have the circular 4 layer Graham arm board made for the Aries. I dont see there would be any problem with the Aries2 as its the same mount..however, since the 2's platter/ bearing is about 3/8' higher than the older Aries TNT metal/acrylic..I wonder if all that is required is to raise the arm height to compensate, whiich would be simple enough. Anyone currently using this combo and find it works ok?
Thanks for your comments. Ken
No one is using a Graham 2.2 on an Aries 2?? Really? Hmmm
I had to put spacer washers uder the arm board to raise it.
Arm height adjustment range was insufficient.
Hi Divo,

Thanks for your input here. I was afraid that may be the case. The Graham can adjust just so high...but thought it may or may not work as I really wasn't sure with the newer platter height.

Did you upgrade to the 2.2 from the JMW?? and if so, what are your thoughts of the differences sonically?? Thanks, ken