MM Cartridge for VPI Scout

Currently using a Benz H2 and getting too much distortion especially on the inner grooves during classical music. I think the High output has something to do with it. Any suggestions?
Not enough info to fully diagnose the problems? We'd all be just guessing at this point.

A MM Cartridge will most likely have even more output, and would help nothing if you are going into the same phono stage without changing anything else.

But I suspect your problem lies elsewhere. Cartridge set up, in regards to alignment, and vertical tracking force will be two important issues you need to check.

If you say you're tracking at 1.9 Grms, are you absolutely sure of this? Has overhang-alignment been properly set?

What phono-stage/pre amp are you running into? What is the gain, and loading set at? Is your Stylus Clean?

Did you just begin to notice this problem, in other words was it playing OK, and now there's a problem, or is this a new set up, and note the problems? Used, or new Cartridge?

Please elaborate some more, and we'll all try to help. Mark
I'd try your cart with the VPI anti-skate device. I ran mine with a Dyna 20X-H (high-output) and it sounded really good. This is a cart VPI recommended for this TT. Sumiko Blackbird is another, and some of the Grado's (especialy for classical).
I used the Ortofon RED in mine, requires extra weight in headshell or lighter counterweight from VPI.
Mark, I am using the phono section in the C220. The cartridge is perfectly aligned or as good as it will get. I used the MintLP (took me 3 months) and I also had it professionally setup. Overhang is close to perfect.

I did some checking and VPI is not very generous with their tonearm specs. It appears as though the JMW 9 is a low mass arm which would mate best with a moderately high to very high compliance cartridge. My cartridge is not a good match for my arm from what I read.

It does sound better than it has but I am thinking of trying a moving magnet. Ever since I took the table in to get set up, I saw with my own eyes how poorly my cartridge tracks with this tonearm on the test equipment. From what I read, it should be used with a moderate or high mass arm for best results.

The guy who set it up also told me that good MM cartridges will track much better than my cartridge. I have a Benz H2. He said the low output track better than high output MC's but you have to spend thousands (Cartridge and phono pre etc.) to get the performance. He said I could get very close to low output performance and in many cases better with MM cartridges.

That is why I am interested in MM cartridges. he said I should also get a solid state preamp/phono section if I want to pursue Low output MC. Whatever that means.
Not really a low mass arm designed for high compliance cartridges. It is about 10 grams in mass, which is about the same as the SME V and most arms of standard length and without detachable head-shells. Low mass arms have a mass of 5 grams and under, the SME III is an example. The VPI should handle anything except very low compliance or extremely high ones; the latter are about extinct. Check Vinyl Engine for arm data, they have info on almost all arms. They also have an arm resonance calculator derived from the cartridge compliance and the arm mass.
I read that its mass is only 7.7 grams not sure if that is true, saw it on vinyl engine. Read anything below 11 grams is low mass and should be treated as such.
The VPI arms are medium mass. Benz, Soundsmith, Dyna cartridges work the best. If you are getting mistracking on the inner part of the record, its not anti-skate, but cartridge misalignment, (Mint is great but you have to do it correctly....even though you spent lots of time on it, it still may not be right), or cartridge defect (worn, bent, old, etc.) Skating decreases with a smaller radius, and lower speed (the record is moving faster at the edge).
I think it could be from vibration. Another Agon'er mentioned that I might get a wall mount for my table. The cartridge is fine. Cartridge is not even a year old. I's gotta be either vibration or the tonearm.
For what it's worth, I have been using a Benz H2 on my Scout for last 18 months. I listed to a lot of classical and have had no problems as you describe.
It may not be the cartridge. Thinking about a wall mount.
Krusty- Do you use anti-skate? Also- which arm do you have?
I have an early production model using the standard JMW-whatever arm without the mechanical anti-skate adjustment; never had to fool with twisting the wire to get the anti-skate effect, perhaps the original owner did. I've had the table for roughly 5 years and no complaints.
If you think it is vibration, from perhaps possible interaction from speakers, one way to eliminate that possibility, is try the set-up with headphones, or play at a lower spl level.

I've owned a couple of Benz Cartidges, the Glider, and the Ruby 3. Benz Cartidges have generally been known to be very excellent trackers, and also very versatile cartridges, working on virtually every arm without problems.

Stick with it, checking, and eliminating possible causes one by one, I'm sure you'll come out in the end trimumphant. Mark
I think I am on to something. I am really appreciative of all of your help. Vibration is definitely affecting the performance. I just put a piece of granite under the table and already an immense improvement in tracking. What I am thinking is wall mount. I may down the road upgrade my table just because I really love the sound of vinyl. The Scout really does a great job for the price/performance.
Clearaudio Maestro! I have a backup 1 for my system i'd let go for $875 and they go for $1000, its never been out of the box, they sound great on my Scout, best cart i have ever heard.
DO NOT USE THE ANT-SKATE!!! it screws up the tone completely
if the cart is setup right you won't need anti-skate anyway
can anyone here list some carts not compatible with the JMW 9 tonearm ?
Does this have anything to do with the weight of the cart ?
would a cart w/ 4g work ? all the way to 13 grams ?
thanks for the inputs.
You will have to add weight to the head-shell or change the counterweight with 4g weight cartridges. Very low compliance cartridges are also not ideal although they will work. Don't confuse cartridge weight with compliance, it is the relationship between the arm mass and cartridge compliance that you have to pay the most attention to. Typically very high compliance cartridges are very light and low compliance ones very heavy but you should check the individual cartridge; most arms and cartridges currently made are medium mass and most cartridges medium compliance so they will work with each other but there are numerous exceptions. Check Vinyl Engine for a calculator to determine the arm resonance from the arm mass and cartridge compliance.
I 2nd the recommendation of the Clearaudio Maestro. I have been using this MM cartridge for 3 years now and have been very happy. I purchased mine from Acoustic Sounds. Send 'em your tonearm and they will perfectly align your cart, free of charge with purchase of the cart. The Maestro is certainly one of the better MM carts available and plays nicely with the VPI - I used it initially with the JMW9sig and now the 10.5i on my Sxoutmaster.
Reading from several reviews, looks like the Maestro is one of the best mm and options out there.
Pricey but might be worth it.
If one is spending $1000 on an mm cart, would one be wiser to just go with an mc cart like the Shelter 501 ??