Mixing speaker cable for Bass & Treble

Hi, I have recently acquired some Audioquest Midnight + speaker cables which I would like re-terminated into a bi-wire configuration. However, a friend has suggested leaving the cables as they are and using them for the bass and getting a separate pair for the treble. I know other 'goner's have used these with the Audioquest Sterlings and Argents, but I was wondering if they would work with other makes, like say, the Audience AU24's? Any advice/experiences would be welcome, thanks.
My experience with the AQ Green Hyperlitz, which is of similar design, is that using two runs to the speaker sounds better than 1 run to the tweeter and 1 run to the woofer. To improve the sound with biwiring, you need to have 2 runs to the woofer and 1 run to the tweeter. Otherwise, the bass suffers and is less substantial than just using 2 runs to the speaker. This may not be the case with every cable however.
If you are looking to liven up your top end, you might try out a pair of Nordost flatlines. I use Red Dawn. It is not so laid back as some Audioquest cables are. I guess it depends on your speakers and what you are trying to accomplish.
Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun or Audience AU24 bi-wire, both are 2 separate runs, will probably do a better job. Plus, using these will remove all doubts about impedance and frequency mismatch. Just a thought. Unless you do have to use AQ...
I echo 240zracer's comments.

I use Nordost SPM's full range on my Gallo Ref. III's and add Wegrezyn Copper Slams (8 awg) for the second voice coil/sub. I was using my Nordosts for both (they are terminated for bi-amp/bi-wire), but for fun threw some old MIT MH 770's in and heard a big difference. This started my quest for speaker cables that performed well on bass (in my case, <50 Hz)... there is not a lot of information out there.

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