Mitsibushi Montero TV ad song

My wife's been bugging me about the artist and title.
This is the ad were the drivers are singing along and slapping the palm of their hand on the steering wheel to the beat of the music.
Opens with 2 guys and then a girl with a dog driving.
My son told me it was a Barenaked Ladies song - the title which escapes me . If no one else responds I will ask him when I get home.
Yeah...there is one with a Barenaked Ladies song called, "One Week" (I think that's the title).
That's it!
First off: the three answers to the original question are actually refering to a commercial for the Mitsubishi Lancer. That's the one with the BNL tune. Unfortunately, the original poster was asking about the commercial for the Montero Sport.

*THAT* commercial contains a song which is actually a cover of a cover. The original song, entitled "20th Century Boy," was originally done by T. Rex. It was later covered by David Bowie, who changed the lyrics slightly from the T. Rex original. The version in the Montero Sport commercial is done by a British band called Placebo, and uses Bowie's modified lyrics., I've got to respect anyone who loves music enough to be able to answer as thoroughly as you have.

Hope you stick around here and enter our music discussions more often.
Many thanks to all for your help.
My wife is so grateful that she's given the green light on the Wilson Maxx speakers that I've had my eye on.....yeah..right...and then I woke up.
But seriously, thanks for your time and feedback.