MIT Oracle V4 Speaker Cables Help

Good morning all,

I am looking to find out more about the Oracle V4 speaker cables. Information is limited and I am not sure why. Were these highly regarded, not one audio press article or MIT info brochure that I could find. I have an opportunity to get a  used 7' pair for about $3k and am not even sure if it is a good deal but assume since it is the Oracle line it is? Best Regards!! These would be used with Wilson Sasha 

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I had these cables a few years ago, I think 3K is a little pricy in todays market.  They were excellent while I used them.

Did they retail for $10k plus? They would replace straight wire crescendo.


I can't remember the list price but I did not pay anywhere near list.  I think I bought them after they had been discontinued.  MIT was moving at a very fast pace with innovation back then.

Correction I had MIT v3

I would run this by Joe Abrams, who sells a lot of MIT on this site.  Yes, he is a dealer and he may tell you that the newer MIT cables he is selling are far better than the older V4, but at least you will have another opinion.  Then again, he may tell you to grab the deal.