MIT Oracle interconnects with ?

Can MIT Oracle interconnects be effectively used in a system with a different brand of loudspeaker cable? Or is there a super strong synergy with MIT speaker cables? I'm thinking of trying some MIT Oracle MA-X Rev.2 interconnects with Synergistic Research Galileo LE speaker cables. Thoughts?
Yes and No . Fun ,and agony, of this hobby is you never know till you try it.
Is there some combo of MIT and whatever that is optimum, yes, will you find it , who knows .
Not in my opinion.  I have done it both ways.  I prefer MIT ic's over speaker cables in my setup.

Berkeley Alpha Reference 2 DAC feeding Ayre MX-R Twenty amps directly, most of the time. Or an Esoteric SACD player run thru an Ayre KX-R Twenty preamp. I have a D'Agostino Momentum S-250 amp on the way to compare to the Ayres. Speaker cable is Synergistic Research Galileo LE hooked to Wilson Alexia loudspeakers.