MIT Matrix HD60's or Magnum MA Speaker Cables?


Has anyone compared them?

The Matrix HD60's are meant to be the successor to the Magnum MA's but I am told they sound brighter and are less musical.

Does anyone have any experience with either and/or with Krell amplification?

I just purchased the Matrix HD60s and they are an incredible match with my Krell Evolution 302 amplifier. They are not bright at all and are extremely musical. They sound fantastic right out of the box. Right now I have about 125 hours of break-in on these cables. This is a no brainer, buy these cables...
Etbaby, thanks for your quick reply. What interconnects do you use? Also, MIT?

What are your speakers?

Hi Mikey,
I currently use Cardas interconnects, clear, golden reference, neutral reference with the matrix 60. Years ago I had an all MIT cabling setup, but for some reason I was not satisfied with the sound. I found that Cardas or Wireworld was more sonically accurate as interconnects. I don't know whether that is true now. At a later time I will try the new MIT interconnects to see if they are better. Right now I am using Magnepan 3.7s for speakers.
Hi Etbaby

Thanks a lot for your reply. That helps a lot.

I am using a Krell FPB200c, Cary SLP 05 and Vienna Acoustics The Kiss speakers. My cabling is Cardas Golden Cross and NBS Statement interconnects. I found that the Cardas Golden Cross gave me the warmth and body I liked. I preferred them to the Golden Reference interconnects. I am currently trying out a pair of Cardas Golden Reference speaker cables. I like the overall synergy and tonal balance but find that the sound can be a bit veiled. Did you ever try Cardas speaker cables and if so how do they compare to your Matrix HD 60's?

I tend to be sensitive to a hard and/or bright tipped up treble and found that the Krell can give that type of presentation - the FPB series Krell is less refined in the treble vs your Evolution 302 and is visceral and forward sounding in itself. I listen to a lot of jazz and less pristine recordings of trumpets and saxophone can be tipped up and etched in the treble leading to fatigue. The Cardas Golden Cross helped ameliorate that a lot. I was concerned that the Matrix HD 60's might exacerbate that as I was told they are bright and forward in presentation compared to the Magnum MA's albeit more resolving and detailed. My other concern was mixing Cardas with MIT as most people tend to say MIT goes best with MIT but you have allayed those since you do the same and like the results.

I would like an open, natural sound with full bodied, tonal density and warmth all the same and no treble hardness or brightness. A 3D soundstage with width, depth and would be great too but not at the expense of etched highs or a loss of body or bloom. I hope that is what you are getting in your system and if so that would be a great indication as to whether the Matrix HD 60's will work for me.

Thanks again so much.