Miniwatt bi-amp solution

I really enjoy my Miniwatt N3, the sound is just incredible (with a little help from REL R305 in the bass department). I have been considering getting a second Miniwatt N3 and use it in the bi-amp configuration. Can it be easily achieved with a simple RCA splitter? (The Logitech has only one set of output RCAs) I know, I would have to carefully adjust volume on both amps. Another option would be a passive preamp with 0dB gain. This option might be tricky with impedance matching, right? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
A splitter will work fine.
I have heard that MiniWatts sound even better with their volume pots bypassed, so you might look into doing that and geting a preamp.
Yes, thanks. I didn’t think of bypassing the volume pot, and going with W4S DAC2 for example. I could use a new DAC anyways (I’m still counting on my Santa). For now I’ll try just a simple RCA splitter and see if having two amps will benefit my listening experience. Thanks for your input.