Micro-bearing conductive steel fill vs. sand fill?

Has any one experienced the difference between micro-bearing steel fill vs. sand fill for isolation platforms? Sonically is there a difference? I am in the process of custom building bases from solid maple 2 3/4' thick. The centers will be hollowed out for either sand or micro-bearing steel fill. The bases will be supported with isolation spikes which I will also need to purchase. I would greatly appreciate some experienced input. Thank you...Joe
I swear by the micro-bearing conductive steel fill: my Sistrum stand and my Sonoran cables. To me the music is much more alive.

But now, you're talking about building your own stands, which I know nothing about. Why don't you go to http://www.audiopoints.com and look up the phone number and call Robert and ask him, or email him or Tom.

They're both very nice and easy to talk to.

I am in the camp of Krell man, the micro bearing and the use of it in the Sonoran Cabling, Sistrum stands is something else. It deals with resonance flying around the room and helps to drain it to the floor. It isn't cheap, but it will add weight and will be sonically appealing. Robert is the best to deal with. I am a happy customer whose bought Sistrum stands, Sonoran power cords and audio points and most recently, the incredible Caravelle monitor designed, developed and built by a sister company of Sistrum and Sonoran, Harmonic Precision.