Benz Micro Ruby Z Vs Shelter 7000 - Mini Review

Although there is a price difference, they are within the same ball-park. They are both about the 2nd or 3rd top cartridge from each manufacturer.

~~ a Summarized review with key words ~~

The Shelter :
Sound: Fast, very dynamic, pin-point image, highly detailed, tightish bass, Soundstage perhaps wide but not as deep as the Benz.
Tracking good until stylus wears out.
This is a lower compliance cart, using merely an elliptical stylus. prob unpolished. Mine lasted 3 Months ! at the end of which i could no longer play vocal LPs, inner groove tracking distortion unbearable.

The Benz Micro Ruby Z:
Sound: True, detailed, coherent, exciting, balanced, strong tight bass, Deep soundstage, image placement not as finely concentrated as Shelter. An overall pleasing tonally accurate experience.
Tracking: A more compliant suspension with faultless tracking.

SUMMARY: The Shelter is the more analytical of the two. perhaps it has the wider dynamic range - its VERY wide. You hear all manner of recording details not noticed before. Breathing, page turning, footsteps, doors closing, birds tweeting. These are additional, and not subtractional from the music. In a way they are exciting.

The Benz is, however, IMO, the better due to its lack of mc hi freq glare, its superb tracking, ZERO inner groove distortion and emotional involvement with the music. It gets straight to the point, the heart of the material, and you or on the journey.

My Analog sys: Modified Well Tempered Lab with LPLabs carbon fibre arm, Van den hul silver IC, K&K Premium step-up, Audible Illusion Mod 3 preamp, VTL Monoblocks, Focal/Munforf ribbon spkrs, For full details see virtual system "The Attic".

Thoughts anyone ?
I'm in the process of having my Shelter 9000 retipped by Peter Lederman at The Soundsmith. It will be interesting to hear what the differences will be with a polished line contact diamond. You might consider having your Shelter retipped. At $450 it seems like reasonable price for the service.
Thanks John ,

How long did your 9000 stylus last?