Michell motor is noisy:what to do?

The stand alone motor on my Michell Gyro is kinda noisy.
It is not electrical hum but rather a lisping sound coming from a rotating wheel.Once i heard it i can identify it from 2,5m (my sitting position).How to eliminate it?
DC motor? I have the same problem and just spoke to Dave @ Artech (US distributor) who told me to send it in to have it looked at. Mine is still under warranty however. I have not done so yet but will post the results.

I had a similar problem on my Michell Tecnodec, as the little pulley was slightly touching the motor housing, which can happen when the pulley becomes slightly loose. If it is the same problem in your case, it can be fixed within seconds using a small hex key.

Good luck,

Classic95, did you have a look at the motor pulley before sending it in? The lisping sound from the misaligned pulley was an easy fix on my Tecnodec, which has the same DC motor as the Gyro. In fact another user of the Tecno wrote to me with exaclty the same problem. Looks like the pulley on many new Tecnos and Gyros is just not mounted correctly from the start.

Well the fedex guy just left with my motor going back to Artech, I'll let you know what the outcome is. If they tell me it's a normal amount of noise I'm not going to be too happy.

Restock, unfortunately no it wasn't just the pulley touching the housing causing my noise, although the motor definitely seemed quieter if i took the pulley completely off. Very nice system by the way.

Wes, thanks for the update. Good luck with the repair or exchange of the motor.

Well it took me a couple of days to post this as I had a string of audio events that kind of bummed me out. But the bottom line is Artech tells me my motor is well within acceptable standards for noise "in fact it's quieter than my personal table" according to my contact. Yeah whatever, maybe I expect too much.

Wes, that's just nonsense from the distributor. My Michell Tecnodec is very quiet. I am sitting only 3 feet away and not a sound. Admittedly, my 30 year old Thorens TD150 is even more quiet, no motor sound whatsoever.

Do you have a dealer close by where you could check other tables for noise?

Hi Rene,

What happened to Overhang? Yes I agree, I think the motor should be much quieter if not nearly silent. I feel as if I'm kind of stuck at the moment though. And to think this all started almost two years ago when the motor in my then table died. I had a new motor put in and it was never as quiet as the original which led me to the Gyro. I was looking at the Tecno and decided to splurge on the Gyro. My dealer is ok but my main guy left (to join the clergy no less) and he was the one who backed me that the motor should be silent. I actually just received my motor back today so hopefully I'll get a chance to listen this weekend.

On a side note no sooner had I sent my gyro motor back when my beloved Sonographe cd player decided to become very selective of what discs it wants to play (1 out of 5, maybe). I really like what I read about your AA Primo by the way.

I wonder if the quality control has gone down at Michell. My Gyro motor was perfectly quite, but couple years later after I had "downsized" and bought a new Techo, I had problems w/ the motor as well. I had the same problem as Restock and was able to fix myself w/ some advice from here and the dealer. Good luck,