MFG's for cable burn in units?

Would like to know who manufactures cable burn in units. I believe Nordust has a unit. Any other mfg's out there for us saps who can't stand to wait while new cables burn in naturally? Mfg and price would help
Theta's new Gen VIII DAC has a burn-in signal generator available with the push of a button. Only $10,000.
What a deal! Not quite what I was looking for. Actually just came upon a site which advertises the Audiodharma Cable Cooker for $649. It does speaker, interconnects and power cables which appears to be a bit more reasonable then your proposition. I have the genVa and was wondering how the genVIII sounds in comparison?
Yes there is nothing like a (MOBIE) box for IC burn in's.It usually takes 24 hrs for a burn in...There is a local dealer here in Arizona that does it and also sells the MOBIE units...Don't know the price but I'm sure its under 500.00....Call AUDIONUT @ 1-877-944-5505 and ask for BOB
he is the owner..tell him Doug sent you his way..Hope this works for you...He is the one that does my IC's..
do a search on this. several dealers will do it for you for a nominal fee. i emailed a dealer, and he only wanted $25 / pair of cables...not a bad deal. Sorry, I can't remember the dealers name!
Thanks guys.