MF A3.2 Preamp worthy upgrade to the Anthem TLP1?

Hello all,

I have currently Monitor Audio Silver S6 speakers, Rotel 961 CD player, Anthem Amp-1 power amp (tube) and the Anthem TLP-1 preamp. I purchased the Amp-1 from a local dealer when he had it on clearence as I always wanted to try tube.
The same dealer now has on clearence (half price) a Musical Fidelity A3.2 CR preamp.

I am tempted to get the MF and sell my Anthem. But I am not sure what I will gain. The Anthem has garnered many excellent reviews. If anyone has any thoughts on what I might gain by this purchase please chime in. Also if you think I should save my money, please do chime in as well.

I don't really have any complaints with what I have now generally because I don't know how to find faults in a system.
Unless something sounds horribly bad, I am easy to please.


-- Sanjay

I have both the MF A3cr and A3.2cr. In my opinion, they are great pre amps! Not just for the price. I don't have any experience with Anthem equipment, but I have had both Audio Research and Conrad Johnson entry level tube pre amps. The MF is far superior to either in my opinion. The Audio Research was to sterile and harsh. The CJ was much better. Very musical, but also colored. I am amazed that the solid state MF can sound so musical and engaging. Very transparent. Very detailed. Very Very musical. Highly recommended. of course, this is all just my experience/opinion. Your mileage may vary.

Good luck and enjoy the music.
Fortunately you may be able to answer your question with a demo at home.One of the advantages of a local dealer who should trust you for a day or so with the unit.What say you?Cheers,Bob
I did end up getting it as the dealer said I could return it in a day or two if I wasn't happy.
The difference in sound was immediately apparent. The MF sounds more pleasing to my ears, less congested and more rounded.
So I will be keeping it.

Thanks again.