Mesa Baron Vs. Rogue M120's-Should I switch??????

Thinking lot's of current but not lot of money (realtively spakeing of course).Wondering if anybody would give oppinion on whether going from the Baron which I own now vs. a pair of M120 mono's.Tube replacemnt would probably be in same ball park as the 6L6's maybe cheaper but there are 12 of them in Baron.Hear such good things about Rogue wondering if I'd dig it more.
No! You would be probably downgrading?! If you want change (for sake of change)in sound go for it. If you want to improve the sound, upgrade your pre-amp (if aplicable)speakers or elsewhere. Good luck!
I had the rogue M120 magnums and didn't like them. They just were not a good match for my system. I went for a Audio Research VT100 and loved it. Like Data said maybe look at preamps??. Good luck.