Tubes vs SS and the Mesa Baron

Looking at upgrading to the Mesa Baron (tubes) from Bryston 4BST. Using Martin Logan ReQuests and Nordost SPM Ref. I have heard some good things about the Mesa Baron. Appreciate any feedback from Baron owners or tube lovers. Thanks
This is a sort of repeat, of an opinion, I posted months back. Had one at home on 2 ocasions.--A dealer demo,and the same demo unit,2 months apart.The, all triode, was "neat"/actually magical.BUT, no dynamics,no highs or lows. All the other adjustments and days of fiddling, couldn't make it sound nearly an good as my Music Ref 9 Mk 2/used with Aerial 10 Tees.No finesse/no magic.The "tees" are terrible at telling you the quality of upstream components.Other speakers may be less fussy. It is a guitar amp/made by guitar amp people.Everything is subjective,depends on where you're at/what you intend to use it with/how much bucks you got.It is a good little piece/flexable.Stereophile /when they were both listed/ gave MR 9 Mk2 a class A rating.Messa Baron. got a B. Audio Research VT100,mk 1 or 2(A's) amongst others near the price. Never owned a SS piece/can't contribute other than hearsay.But I'll bet Macormack or Bel labs would be better.Hope this is what you wanted--Input.
I heard the Tigris Integrated its a nice unit.Would put it ahead of any SS amp.Your speakers are not your weak link for certin.Look at used tube gear.Rogue,CJ,BAT, there is a lot of good choice.
Owned a Baron about a year ago Tons of fun. The amp can be run with a few different tubes which will help tune the sound more to your liking. Check with the Manufacturer for the available upgrades. If you are the original buyer your supposed to be entitled to discounts on replacement tubes. I found it mated well with the EAR 834 pre-amp I had at the time. Not a reference piece but very enjoyable. Have fun.