Martin Logan ReQuests and Mesa Baron

Are there any ML ReQuest owners out there that are using tube gear. I have a BAT VK5i/Bryston 4BST combo. Want to try the Mesa Baron (Tubes). Cables are Nordost SPM. Looking at trying to smooth out the slightly Edgy top end. I think my problem is the Bryston although it gives damm good bottom end. Appreciate some good advice on this and balance.
Hi Curly, I think you'll find that any good tube amp (with sufficient power)will improve your system. Logans are at their best with tubes and there are a bunch of tube amps that are excellent at the bottom end. You can get good sound with the right solid state amp but I think tubes really get the most out of these speakers. I went with the Baron as a match with my CLS's and it is a match made in heaven. The Baron sounded best in my system, but there are others I've heard that sounded equally good. What sealed it for me is the Baron's adjustabilty on the fly -- most of the time I'm in two thirds pentode or two-thirds triode with just one click of negative feedback -- I change the mode depending on the music/recording quality. This is also one of those tube amps with big balls. Hope this helps.
Hi Curley- I'm not a "tube" guy, but I can tell you I like the sound better on my ReQuests when I switched from the 4B to the 7Bs. Not sure why, but it made a difference. I have a Parasound pre-amp. Good luck