Meridian HD621

My present system has the Apple Express to stream music to my G68. My intent is to keep path all digital up to the G68 input in order to best utilize the G68 DAC performance.

I am considering the HD621 + Apple TV in order to: 2) use the MHR input rather than the optical input, 2) minimize the jitter at the G68 DAC input, which should improve the analog output signal integrity.

My dealer tells me that the HD621 set up requires a service call. I am pretty tech savvy and have never had a problem setting up anything. Has anyone set up the HD621 themselves? Or does the setup require programming that is undocumented, and does indeed require a service call? I would hate to own a product that someone else controls. That just doesn't sit will with me.
It is fairly well documented and, if you have ever used MConfig, this is not a big job. Several of us have posted how we did it at Meridian Hitchhiker forum.

Thank you Kal

Since you have an HD621, can you comment on the differnce it makes for sound? Comparisons get complicated and uncertain when you make more than 1 change. So let's make the simplest comparison:

1) G98 -> G68 MHR
2) G98 -> HD621 -> G68 MHR

Would going from 1) to 2) make a difference in sound? Or was your intent primarily to provide an HDMI switch?

First, I do not have a Meridian player such as the G98.

Second, all the comparisons I did were in the article.
Kal, I found your article. Thanks.
I have the same set up you are considering Axle. I think it sounds great. I purchased the ATV specifically to stream via HDMI so I have never tried it direct via S/PDIF but I have streamed directly from my Macbook Pro via optical and the ATV-HD621 is in a different league IMHO.

Set-up isn't too difficult if you are MConfig literate at all.
Thanks Stearnsn. The Mackbook Pro and the ATV should be equivalent. That means that HD621 is creating the improvement.
Axle, the Macbook pro does not have HDMI out so it is hard to say if it is equal to the ATV. Variables include the noisy computer environment, the optical cable/connection, etc.

I guess trying the Macbook and the ATV via optical may tell yo something.
Axle, I am having some issues with the ATV to HD621. My processor reads PCM on ATV input making me think that I might be getting ATV signals passed through without filtering...