Meridian 861 v4 and the PWD

I want a surround setup and I gonna do this with 5 fullrange speakers.
Its for me important that the two channel stereo does not run trough the 861. But only run trough the PSAudio PWD dac. Setup wil be: Mac Mini > Pure Music > optical> PWD > speakeramps. But for surround I want to use the left and right speaker also but together with the PWD as dac for the left and right channel. Is this possible? Setup will be: Oppo>Meridian>AES out>PWD>speakeramps? Is there a digital card for Meridian 861 that handels the left/right channel out? So I can lead this into the PWD?

Will this work? Or is it a bad idea?

Second: does the Meridian 861v4 has a roomcorrection card?

Thx in advance

It will work but it might be easier just getting a switch for the input to the main L/R amp/speakers so you can select either the Meridian or the PWD as source.

Yes, the v4 has room correction.