meridian 506.16

How does this player stack up against lets say the $500 cd-25 Musichall, new Rotel 1072, or the current crop of affordable digital? My main interests are soundstaging and bass performance....if imaging or detail is not SOTA I can live with it...also...saw one used on Gon for $5oo...I assume this is a good price...
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I'd contact Meridian and ask about replacement transport availability first. A 506.16 has got to be 5+ years old, and transports often don't last much longer than this.
i have to second that last response. transport age needs to be considered. as well as the fact that some of these newer players, like the Rotel, really do sound pretty good.
I have a 506.20 and it is one great player that creamed my Rega Planet. It has more accurate timbre's, better bass and more real and extended highs. It pretty much sound the same as my MSB Gold Link III!!!!!!

As for transport problems, I don't no of any historical problems with Meridians and I have never had one fail even with transports that are 15 years old or older. But now that I jinxed myself.........
There was the early Meridian 506.16, single laser which was updated to a three point laser and other improvements. I would want to find out which version it is. Get serial number and call Meridian. The 506 is a great unit and should last many years if taken care of. Steve