Melody Pre

Hello guys
I am trying to get help from you guys
I cant post in different place only in this section sorry
I have a question about Melody Preamps
These 3 looks same and I was wondering if they are actually same

Melody Platinum Pre 101D
Melody P2688
Melody AN2688
Can someone tell me or explain to why are they different model numbers since they looks exactly same
If I buy any of these I end up with same quality etc?
Thank you so much for your help
Hope this review helps:

The PB101 is a world class preamp IMO.
Thank you
Actually Black Melody is a little below those other ones
Maybe someone here can explain this 3 different model numbers?
Ask the local distributor, Hugh, at Angel City Audio. He'll give you the scoop on all of them.
Thank you all
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