Melody Gardot "The Absence"

Melody has a new one out..anyone heard it?
Yes, very nice. It has an exotic Brazilian quality that is different than her two prior releases. I've found it enjoyably different.
I too like the music on "The Absence," I purchased the LP from Amazon and received it almost the same day it was released.

I don't think it's the same recording team, the album is very good but I think a bit down from the two previous LPs of her's I bought.

Just an observation about the recording. It's still good and if you appreciate Melody Gardot don't pass this one up.
Its a great CD - Bought it at Starbucks for $13

Good Listening

What's a CD?
Agree with Albertporter that it's down from the last one.
The bossa nova-ish feel on the new CD didn't really move me, but I always find myself a little conflicted with MG's stuff. For me, she always gets really close, but never quite nails it. This feels like it might be another example of that phenomenon, but I'll need to spend a little more time with the recording before I'm sure.

It's still more interesting than most of the dreck out there, though.

@ Macdadtexas
A CD is a certificate of deposit for the artist, the producer, the label,the distributor etc. etc....
M & M

You two guys are funny :-)

Good Listening

A CD is a communicable disease. Communicating these new releases contributes to the audiophilia disease.
I thought it was great too. Bought it on LP and CD, for some reason the CD version sounds better, to me. The ambiance which endows that a performance with the characteristics of a particular time and space is much improved on the CD . Go figure.
I love her first two but this one bores me.
I've had it since release and think its easily as good as her previous recordings. Yes it's different but just as good Imo.
I thought her first two albums were superb, and the second of the two--My One and Only Thrill--one of the best albums I've ever heard. I can't think of a singer, male or female, whose song writing and singing reach such a high level. And then there was her live performance in Portland a couple of years back: easily one of the best concerts I've been to in 35 years of concert going.

But I'm with Madfloyd on this one: there's just nothing memorable--to me at least--about this album, with one exception: "My Heart Won't Have It Any Other Way."

It seems to be that the tradition of the American songbook is something she has fully absorbed, and when she writes in that style, things happen. But The Absence is Michael Jordan playing baseball.