Medowlark Eagle verse Kestrel

Can anyone tell me what the difference is sound wise between a Medowlark  Eagle and a Kestrel 1?  How do they compare to other used floorstanders in the $300 to $500 range? Thanks
Kestrel has a better tweeter which makes it more lively than the Eagle,a lot more fun to listen too.
IMO it is almost impossible to do better than the Kestrel at that price .
I have owned both .

Here are my local options I have Mirage m7si right now.

Polk LS 90

Polk SDA 2A

Polk SDA1C



Thiel CS 2 maybe

Kestrel is a great speaker....especially for what it goes for on the used market
I've owned the original Kestrel, the Kestrel 2 as well as the Shearwater Hot Rod. My favorite is the original Kestrel. It has a very natural sound, easy to listen to for long periods. 
Not sure it's going to sound as big as some of the other speakers you mention, but in a small to mid-sized room it's hard to beat at $300.