Meadowlarks Biwire a big differance?

I'm currently running my herons single wire.before i spend the money for secound pr of cables,would like to
hear some opinions on this configeration.
thanks mike
I have Heron-i and they are bi-wired. I went this route from day 1. I have spoken to Pat McGinty and beleive that he supports going w/bi wire.

Many hi end shops (howabout the dealer that sold you the Herons?) will loan you cables...see if you can try before you buy/their return policy.

Let your ears be the judge.

Good luck!
I went from a single wire with jumpers, to a bi-wired cable, to a shotgun (2 sets of single cables) configuration, with each step making a most noticeable difference. I personally would forget the single bi-wire approach and jump right into a double run of cables; this made the biggest improvement in dynamics and lower octave resolution. As always, try before you buy, your mileage may vary.