MD108 Vs Day Sequerra

I currently have the Magnum Dynalab MD108 Tuner and very happy with this , My friend told me that the Day Sequerra tuner( don't know which model is the best?) is a MUCH better tuner than the MD108 in term of sound and resale value, whay you think about this and I have a hard time to find the Day Sequerra tuner,any suggestion or anyone what to sell?
I own a Day Sequerra Reference, and indeed it is an excellent sounding tuner, the best I've ever heard (but I haven't really heard a Marantz 10B or the original Sequerra tuner). Have not heard the MD108, but based on the Etudes I've heard, and expecting the MD108 to be a good step up from them, I don't know if the difference in sound quality between it and the D-S would be that great; when you're dealing with products at this level, the objective differences usually aren't of a quantum leap, although subjectively you might prefer one over the other. Add in the variables like the signal strengths in the area in which you live and the quality of the stations you listen to, and the end result is really that you have to hear them both to make any meaningful decision. I don't know if the Day-Sequerra is still in production--last I heard they had moved to Cherry Hill NJ after being out of production for a short period, but that was a number of years ago and their web site on my favorites doesn't exist anymore. That could be a factor in your decision as well. In addition, finding used ones isn't easy, because we owners generally don't want to sell them, they really are works of art. If you live in the NY tri-state area I can let you come over and hear mine and bring your Magnum to compare. Otherwise, since you say you're happy with the Magnum, I wouldn't sweat it, just enjoy the music, because you have an excellent tuner.
I bought one of the last 6 ( as I was told ) Day Sequerra Tuners. There were in fact in Gibbsboro New Jersey. It lasted 2 weeks for me and I sold it. As I found out, It is NOT on par with the older Sequerra tuners and while it was a fine sounding tuner, small things annoyed me about it. All in all, I have owned a couple of 108 Magnums and find them to be all we could hope for. A bonus is that if you are not completely happy, buy some other tubes and swap them around. It is just as we all do with amps/preamps. They respond wonderfully with different tube brands and depending on your system and your music taste, you will most likely get to where you want to be. As for the older Sequerra..........I salute that tuner!!! As for the later Day Sequerra......missed the boat, in my humble opinion Franz "the tuner guy"
Thanks for all info, Mr. Reprince give me very good advise but I live in Canada, I will let you know next time I am in NY and will bring my MD108 with me and compare it with your DS. the DS have the Krell type faceplate, what does it means??? anyway thanks all the advise.
Tomho, there is a very narrow faceplate on the D-S that goes around the scope, LED readout and pushbuttons. The standard one appears to be a gloss black, but for people who wanted to match their Krell or C-J equipment's faceplates they also made faceplates in the Krell anthracite grey (which I have) or the Conrad-Johnson gold (maybe some others as well, but these are the only ones I've seen). I disagree with Franz about the D-S "missing the boat" (I think that's a little strong), although from what I've heard the original Sequerra tuner probably outperforms it in many respects, I guess that's his point of reference. His point about tube-rolling in the MD108 is excellent; I view that as an advantage, since I am something of a tubehead in my tastes.