Day Sequerra CRT

Is there anybody out there who knows where to buy a replacement scope for Day Sequerra Studio/Reference tuners?
Day won't sell them and no service centers that I called (my ear hurts) have them or know what type of scope it is because Day removed all of the identifying data.
I even spoke with Dick Sequerra and Tommy Cadawas who haven't a clue, but say that Day's is unrelated to the scope in the Sequerra FM-1
I have two tuners with weak scopes and I do not want to upgrade them. Please assist!!!!!
Dott c, are you saying that Day won't sell a new scope other than in connection with an upgrade? Because I did get a new scope from them, though it was part of the upgrade package.
Try again, they have a new upgrade package that includes a post-detection filter along with a non-CRT display.

$2800 according to: