Mcintosh MX132 : good 2 channel performer?

How is the aging MX132 as a two channel preamp. Will I expect warm musical performance?
I auditioned a newer MX120 and wasn't impressed. Went with a MAC-3 for surround and a C50 for 2 channel instead. Use the pass through feature in the C50 when running the 5.1. About the same money and much better performance overall, I felt.

Good luck & happy listening!
I had a MX132 for a time and it was my only pre amp for HT and 2channel. I felt it was very good, having the treble and bass controls helped me to get the sound I wanted. One thing is the McIntosh build quality is top drawer, and you should get pretty close to your investment back if you don't like it.
i have a mx132 also. i only use it as a 2 chanell setup.