McIntosh MX122 or Cambridge CXN v2 for Spotify streaming

Hi all, I just came across a McIntosh MX122 and didn't even realize that it has Spotify streaming capabilities.  I currently use the Cambridge CXN v2 via Spotify Connect.  

Do you think it would be worth ditching the Cambridge now and keeping all streaming in the MX122?

I cannot find much info on this.. Any help is appreciated.

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I have the Cambridge 851n streaming Spotify thru a Marantz AV8802a to Brl Canto monoblocks. I can also stream directly to the Marantz. Both sound good, but the is a subtle but definite advantage to the Cambridge. Trumpets sound more real, for example. I chalk it up to the upsampling, which the magic also has. 
Interesting and thanks for your input.  I cannot find hardly any information on the Mcintosh's DAC or its streaming capabilities.  It sounds great to me, but it's so hard to A/B that I'm not 100% sure there's any difference what so ever.