Mcintosh MVP841 vs Denon 3910?

I know the Mcintosh was/is a more valuable player, but does anyone know if it sounds better than the Denon 3910?
I have compared the McIntosh DVD playeres to the Denon equivalant over the years and have come to this conclusion.
The Mcintosh products do sound somewhat better as they use better D/A convertors and change the clocking and speed of the disc reading. (according to mcintosh) But I have always felt the Denon produces a better video output. The differences in the audio quality in my opinion is not commiserative to the differnce in price. So I have a Denon 5910ci not the MVP871. But I only use it for DVD-A, SACD 5.1 and non bluray movies.
Thanks Theo, I think ill stick with the Denon even though the "idea" of owning a McIntosh is appealing.