McIntosh MVP841 Transport? Who makes it?

Any Idean who makes the McIntosh Transport for their DVD players. Is it possible that the same transport can be found in other units?

Why don't you e-mail them from their web site and ask them personally? You may be even able to talk to an engineer. Get it straight from the horses mouth.
Ditto Mc2000. If you get the right guys at McIntosh, they will tell you anything and everything. I have chatted on the phone with them on several occasions. Arthur
After some extensive research it appears that the McIntosh MVP 841 and the MVP 851 BOTH appear to utilize the Panasonic RP91 transport. With all the positive reviews of the Panasonic RP91, no wonder McIntosh decided to use it. Now, Why buy the Mcintosh vs. the Panasonic?
Very interesting!
I know that the Mcintosh MVP831 uses the circa 1999/2000 Panasonic transport also found in the Muse Model 9. I have seen inside an 851 and the transport is amazing. It has a large disc clamp that covers the entire disc. It is made from a translucent honeycomb material which is probably very light in weight. I have always wondered which of the two transports the 841 used. Now we know that it is the newer one also in the 851. The Panasonic RP91 is one of their best efforts. I wonder what the actual part number of the transport is? RP91 is the model number of the player itself.