Mcintosh MC500 or Accuphase P800

Hi all, I have a chance to buy either of these amps, the mcintosh some 400 euro cheaper...
Which would you advise and why?
My system consists of Accuphase DP 500 cd, Mcintosh c46 preamp and B&W matrix 800 speakers...
I don't listen very loud, and I love 3d soundstaging, imaging and emotionality in music , the feeling "I am there at the event" when I am listening.
You will most likely get more synergy by using a Mac amp with the c46 preamp.

I thought about brand synergy too...
but I have heard the P800 once and the MC500 never.
I did hear the MC1000 but I do not know if the MC500 would be as good...
I haven't heard the MC1000, but I have heard the the MC500 with B&W Nautilus 802. The combination is excellent, as to my ear the MC500 "warms-up" the B&Ws a tad, together making really good synergistic balance. The 500 has plenty of power, and I would doubt you need to go to the 1000.

My experience with Accuphase products in general is they are more detailed than McIntosh gear, but flatter and more "technical" sounding. From your description of listening preferences, it seems that McIntosh would be a better match.
"I did hear the MC1000 but I do not know if the MC500 would be as good..."

The 500 would be almost as good as the 1000's. (I owned them both at the same time.)

Basically if you liked the 1000's, you'll like the 500 so, short of getting to listen to both amps and deciding then, you have a known vs a gamble. I'd go with the known.
Regarding Left Eye's comments, I went from a McIntosh ss amp to Accuphase, and found the result to be quite the opposite. To be fair, though, I have one of their Class A amps. I've never heard one of their A/B amps.
Well, seems I missed out on the auction for the MC500...
Had the comment from onemug been a day sooner I would have gone for it. Now I decided to leave as is as a hifi salesman told me the older mcintosh gear sounded more hifi, with a loudness effect and the newer gear is more transparent. I dont know however if the MC500, from 1992 was considered as the "older" gear...
I heard the MC1000 only once on a totally different system (a capella horns) and the P800 on JBL everests...
I do have a new runner however, being the Mark Levinson 432. It is at 4000 euros, from the dealer mentioned above... I heard this once too with 320s preamp on wilson sophias. Sounded really good. I have made an appointment to compare it with the MC452 on 30-07, both fed by my mcintosh c46, on b&w nautilus 800 speakers. (totally different then my matrix 800's of course)but the best I could do...
Feel bad about the MC500 though, it went for only 2600 euros...P800 is at 3400 and Levinson 432 at 4000...
Who in the hell mated a Mac 1000 watt amp with Acapella horns??
I believe it was an acapella violon, with four fifteen inch woofers per side, big midrange horn and ion tweeters, pretty impressive!
but this brings us away from the topic...
so far no recommendations for the accuphase.
Any opinions on how the MC 500 sounds versus the newer models. On this forum I already found some in favour of the newer mac amps. What about the levinson 432?
When I compare specs with the levinson 336, the 336 has bigger transfos and more output transistors but it has known capacitor problems, which I haven't read about on the levinson 432...
I have done a KO test for which power amplifier is better to drive my JBL Century Gold speaker , the result is Mcintosh MC7270 KO Accuphase P-800 my P-800 sold already. and i m going to upgrade my power amp , I m looking for the Mcintosh MC500 ...
Marcustang,could you maybe describe what musical aspects of your P800 where bettered by the Mcintosh?thx!
Hi Blueskywalker
I just got my Mcintosh MC500 Two day ago,
I will tell you later
Hi Marcustang2003,

Tube or Solid State version? Please let us know how you like it. Thanks
My system consists of Sony SCD-1 SACD player, Accuphase C-280V pre-amp, Accuphase P-800 vs Mcintosh MC500 power amp, JBL Century Gold speakers.......
Hi Joeinid
Mcintosh MC500 & pre-amp CD player also are solid state version.
Thanks Marcustang2003,

I'm sorry, I confused the MC500 with their preamp. That's what happens you post late at night. Very nice system, enjoy!
I finally got a mc500 and absolutely love it! the best power amp I ever had. It does everything right, details, soundstaging, musicality. and it looks gorgeous and is reliable! thx mcintosh!
Hey Blueskywalker glad you like your Mc500, I had one for 12 years. Never had any issues, not even a bulb and I listened to it all the time. If you ever get a preamp itch the Mcintosh c100 is a real winner, it was paired with my Mc500, excellent match.
Hi Gshepardbuster!is the c100 tube or transistor?
pairing with my c46 is great but I have a feeling there is even more in the mc500! how about those cinema preamps from mcintosh? or are these not as good as the c46?
what did you replace your mc500 with???
Hi Blue, the c100 is a transistor two chassis preamp from the late 1990s. It was the predassessor to the c200, c500, and c1000 preamp. Never tried the cinema preamps but heard good things. Your c46 is more than likely as good as the cinema preamps in two channel mode. Traded my Mc500 for a pair of 1.2kws.
Wow sounds like a good preamp indeed! I like the C2200 and C2300 also, but never had a chance to hear them, but think tubes could add that little magic to my ssytem... Any thoughts?
Big difference between MC500 and 1.2 kWs?
I have toyed with the idea of tubes but never followed through. It seems that once people try tubes they always incorporate them somewhere in the chain from then on. I don't think you could go wrong trying a tube preamp as they sell quickly if you don't enjoy. Yes there's a big difference between the 1.2s and the mc500 as there should be for the price difference! That being said I could easily live with another mc500 or maybe two biamped or ran as monoblocks.