McIntosh MC275 as Monoblocks - A Good Idea?

I just boutght myself a MC 275 and I use it as a power amp for the fronts with Mcintosh MHT100 receiver as pre. The speakers are Sonus Faber Grand Pianos. Now the sound is wonderful but I would still love to get more punch (I listen to a lot of heavy metal CDs and my Mac sounds a bit slow with them) and probably a deeper and tighter bass. Is bying another 275 and running them as monoblocks a good idea in my case?
Nope, I would go for the solid state MC402. Better dynamics, lots of slam for heavy metal and a huge asthetic improvement with your MHT100. Sell your 275 and add the $$ you would be spending for a 2nd and buy the MC402. With the money saved I bet you could upgrade your Grand Pianos to the next model up. Best of luck
Either a Mac SS amp would help or try another brand. The Mcintosh/SF combo could be too warm and romantic for metal.
no need to buy another brand,you gotta remember that old mac is tired a was never designed for such demands as heave metal.

as velo62 suggested get a mc402 or even a mc352,tubes are nice & all but when you wanna rock mac solid state is the ticket.

I have an MHT-100 (love it!) and use an MC-252 for the fronts where a pair of Totem Mani-2s reside. I rotate in a VT-100 Mk-II now and then for variety. Am happy with the Mac combo.
I have to agree with Velo62 and the others above. Given your preference for heavy metal CD's, adding another tubed amp (MC275) still wouldn't sound as good as adding a Mac SS amp.
I do indeed run two MC275 IV's as monoblocks driven by a C200 Pre. But I play mostly classical and jazz and my source is more often vinyl than CD. With that combination it is heaven.
Thanx guys for your comments! Rgurney, since you have two 275s - what exactly is the difference between monoblocks and one stereo 275 in terms of sound? I'm sure you did comparisons!
I have used a MC275 on 802Ds and felt the same way about the bass and dynamics. The mids and highs are much better than a Mac SS though so i dont know if a 402 is the answer. Recently I added a BagEnd Infrasub 18 to the mix. All I can say is wham bam thank you mam. I was rocking out on the White Stripes but still had that sweet midrange for Holly Coles vocals. I would say two 275's and a great sub would get you where you want to be.