Anyone hear the McIntosh MC275 mkIV

Sam Tellig reviewed this latest version in July and it now sits on the Stereophile class-A list.

Has anyone auditioned this amp yet?

I listened to it very briefly. Very smooth and grain free, but seemed to spotlight the upper mids a bit. Very brief demo with Magnepan 1.6 QR, VTL 7.5, Levionson 390.
I have to agree with Honest1 in that the 275IV is very smooth and grain free. Given the stock small tubes, it could accentuate the upper mids; however, like any other tube amp, it lends itself to tube swapping. Changing to NOS small tubes can bring out the best.
Thanks for the responses!


what replacement tubes do you recommend to get rid of the upper mid emphasis?
Some users report the stock tubes sound as good as anything. The MC275 is not dependent on exotic tubes for good sound. Many other factors effect the sound in a system.
You're right, Ron-C. The IV is not dependent on exotic tubes for "good" sound. However, some NOS tubes could make it better, depending on sound preference. I have used gold pin Sylvania 5751 and 6201 with excellent results, better than stock. I personally would not change the stock KT88's.
I have owned for about 3 months and it is a terrific amplifier, I own other mac gear as well as some other tube abd ss gear, this amp sing especially with high quality small just makes them sound soooo good...a relative bargain in the hi end world...quiet as a mouse....I am using it with the stock tubes,,,beautifully made too.