Mcintosh mc-601 vs Vitus RI-100 amplifier

I have a ayon cd 5s cdplayer, mcintosh mc-601 monoblocks,dynaudio c1 confidence speaker, i want to buy a magico v2 speakers, two options mc 601 monoblocks for the mágico or Vitus RI-100 integred amplifier,what is better?
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Hi Orion,

In my own limited experience with Magico and speaking with both owners and dealers, they really use every bit of current you can throw at them.

both good options...suspect i would personally prefer the 'voicing' of Vitus...but at volume, might prefer (what i believe to be] the higher powered solution?...the monos. Probably check this one.

Both are top notch, high-current amps. Vitus are beautifully and solidly built...real tanks with huge reserves generally. But the Mcs are still big, solid monos...
Although I ran Mac with the Dyn Confidence line with nice results IMO the Vitus will take it to another level
I would get the 2301s for the Magicos.
Vitus is on another level of performance to McIntosh. Also a great match for Dyn's or Magico. It's a beast of an integrated amplifier with heaps of power and current to drive pretty much any speaker. I run magico q3 with RI-100, it's a wonderful combo.