mcintosh c2300

i would love to hear from anyone who knows about the c2300, how it is working out with their system, and what they are using it with. i bought a second pre amp as a back up to switch in and out from time to time, and this is what i got. i will be using it with the mcintosh 501' though i might get the 2101 as well. so any info about this preamp would be great. thank you
I love mine. It is integrated with my HT setup so I use it for 2-channel listening and by-pass when watching movies. The sound is smooth, refined, and musical. Very quiet. The MC phonostage with remote control resistance loading is awesome. Makes a noticable change. The multi output lets me run my mains full and also run to a sub which I crossover very low for deep bass enhancement. The memory input settings allow me to tweek bass and treble for CD vs. MC Phono. It looks stunning with the backlit, exposed tubes and of course the blue meters.

What else is there to say!
Has anyone compared the c2300 with the c500 and/or c1000 tube preamps?
What cartridge are you using with your 2300? Thanks.
im using a benz silver. nothing over kill, i just started back into lp's with a music hall deck
I love it...done with preamps.