Mcintosh integrated amp MA6600 for B&W 803D

Hello Everyone,
Could you please help me to advise if MA6600 fits well my 803D? As I understood from Internet, Mcintosh and B&W are good matching but most of voices stand for MC402. In this case I have to buy the good pre-amp as well, which nearly doubles the price of MA6600. Will this double price give also double sound improvement or MA6600 is sufficient enough for me?
Having the MA6600 paired in my case VSA speakers and various auditions some with B&W speakers, I think you will thoroughly enjoy the match of the integrated with your 803's.

After a certain level the improvements in sonics one may hear is seldom of the degree of twice the price, twice the improvement, no matter the brand.

I love my MA6600 and feel you would find this model McIntosh wonderful.
Hi Papalam,

B&W and Accuphase pair very well. My first choice would be one of the following Accuphase integrated: E-408, E-450, E-460 integrated. The E-350 and E-360 will also do just fine. All these models are better than the MA 6600 integrated. However, like Mcintosh, Accuphase is hugely overpriced in Europe. The best thing would be to go for 2nd hand models, e.g. the E-408, E-450 and E-350 models. These can be had for approximately 40-60% the price of the new models (E-360 and E-460), and sound wise the differences between the newer and older models is (IMO) insignificant.

However, you have lots of other options, e.g. Musical Fidelity A5 integrated or pre/power combo, Bryston BP25/26 pre + the 4BSST/4BSST2. Both these options are at least as good as the Mcintosh. They are also significantly cheaper. To me though, they were not quite as good as the Acuphase integrated I have mentioned in the beginning of the post.

Keep us posted!
No! Even 803 is power-hungry and doesn't like autoformers. I had a very poor experience with 802D and 6900. The amp went on power guard and switched off numerous times! Forget about Mac unless it's a big power amp or better get Classe, Electrocompaniet or Krell.