McIntosh C2200 accessories?

I just bought a McIntosh C2200 off ebay and am doing research on how to set it up.

My current system is:

Dennon DP-62L turntable
Magnum Dynalab MD-90 tuner
Magnavox CD player from the 80's with the philips swing arm transport.
Audio Refinement Pre-II DSP preamp (To be replaced with the C2200)
Teac X10-R Reel to Reel tape deck
2 each McIntosh MC-60 power amps
Altec Lancing Valencia Voice of the theater speakers.

I would like to use the C2200 primarily with this system, but it looks like I can also use it to preamp my 2 channel video system in the next room using a infrared remote sensor that plugs into the back of the C2200. This will let me control the C2200 in the next room driving the Onkio power amp in that system.

Also, currently I have (with the exception of the pre-II DSP)the whole primary system on a power strip. When I want to use it I flip on the power strip and turn the preamp on separately. It would be nice if I could simply turn on the preamp and everything would power up. The C2200 has a jack on the rear to control other McIntosh gear that has a similar jack. My MC-60 amps do not have this feature.

Can this jack be used to drive a relay that will turn on a power strip? I know McIntosh has an outboard power strip system for this purpose. I just spent all my cash on the preamp and don't even want to look at how much the original McIntosh model costs.

Back to the remote sensor: I have discovered that McIntosh sold this accessory for around $125/00 retail. I have been unable to find one anywhere for sale. Are there any after market solutions available?

I'm pretty handy with the soldering iron and am capable of modifying things to work together.

Thanks in advance for any advise you can offer